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Frontiers of Freedom Launches New Veterans Choice Initiative

Press Release

Fairfax, VA – Frontiers of Freedom released the following statement from President, George Landrith following the launch of their new VA Disability Initiative:

Americans love their veterans who have so bravely and consistently defended our nation from threats around the globe. The Veterans Administration is one of the nation’s largest government agencies with over 412,000 employees and contractors, 6,000 buildings, including 1,600 health care facilities, 144 medical centers, and more than 1,200 outpatient sites. The problem isn’t that these resources exist, but that accessing them is insanely difficult and complex.

Congress has tried to provide additional funding to the Veterans Administration and this could help reduce the shortages that exist. With the backlog of disability claims and the need for medical attention at an all-time high, however, there is more needed than just additional funding. There are important reforms that must be put into place.

That is why Frontiers of Freedom is proud to announce the launch of our new project, the VA Disability Initiative. Our mission is to support our veterans by protecting their right to choose how they undergo preparing to receive the disability benefits they rightly deserve. To achieve this mission, we will be advocating in both Washington D.C. and around the country to ensure our elected officials do not enact harmful changes that will limit Veterans’ choice.

America enjoys a wonderful standard of living because competition and choice provide us with options from which we can choose and find the solution that best meets our needs. So, any attempts to make the VA a more responsive agency, must incorporate choice and competition.

Following a failed attempt in the last Congress to impose criminal penalties on those that work to help veterans apply for and file appeals for military benefits, others in Congress and the Biden administration has attempted to revive harmful measures in their latest VA budget request. In it they propose the creation of “a single, national standard to serve as a general deterrent against bad actors and would allow for more meaningful enforcement against unaccredited individuals that are currently not subject to any Federal punishment for violations of VA law.”

These reforms that while well intentioned, could have some rather devastating unintended consequences. The goal must be to make sure our veterans get the help that they need and that we promised them. Our veterans need more options, not fewer. And any politician that puts their support behind this proposal should consider the devastating impact it will have on the brave men and women who served.

We must ensure that our veterans have the right to choose the most successful path forward toward securing the benefits they so rightfully deserve. This initiative does just that.

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