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Frontiers of Freedom Receives Two Reed Awards for VA Disability Project Videos

Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – This month, Frontiers of Freedom received two Reed Awards, sponsored by Campaigns & Elections, for outstanding use of video in public affairs campaigns. Frontiers of Freedom won Best Online Video – Longform and Best Online Video for Public Affairs – National, both for our Veterans Disability Initiative’s campaign featuring disabled veterans struggling to navigate the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Reed Awards, named after Campaigns & Elections founder Stanley Foster Reed, are awarded for excellence in political, grassroots, public affairs, and advocacy campaigns. Our ads were designed to raise awareness of the need for more options to assist disabled veterans in navigating the VA.

The VA Disability Initiative is committed to supporting veterans by protecting their right to choose how they prepare to receive the disability benefits they rightly deserve. Our veterans have earned the right to choose their consultation and representation, regardless of accreditation status, as they navigate a flawed and confusing system.

“We are honored to receive two Reed Awards for our cutting-edge use of video for public affairs and advocacy,” said Frontiers of Freedom President George Landrith. “This campaign in particular is especially important. The Department of Veterans Affairs is broken, with nearly a quarter-million disabled veterans still waiting for benefits. We are pushing hard for an all of the above approach to assisting the men and women who have served our country, to ensure they have access to the best help available to secure the health care and benefits they have earned.”

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Click here to see or download full press release.

Click here to watch long-form video.

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