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VA recommends cutting back on health care services but they want to build a new facility in SD

Published by Annie Todd

(Elisha Page/Argus Leader)

The United States Veteran Administration released the official set of recommendations for the future of veteran care in South Dakota on Monday.

The 84-paged report breaks down the care for the region, which includes South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri and parts of Iowa. The entire report is two volumes and was provided to the Asset and Infrastructure Review Commission.

Word of the report leaked early in March after the VA held a conference call with the Black Hills VA medical providers. South Dakotan politicians were quick to issues releases critiquing the recommendations.

In the AIR report, the VA recommends cutting certain services to Sioux Falls, such as turning the emergency department into an urgent care, fully shuttering the Wagner clinic, as well as the Fort Meade hospital and building a new VA health care system in Rapid City.

The report was issued as part of the 2018 Mission Act, which required an assessment of the current and future health care needs of Veterans in the U.S....

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